Tofu my family actually likes…

Miso-glazed tofu stir-fry

Miso-glazed tofu stir-fry

Along with the Soy-ginger tofu recipe this miso-butter variation is a family favorite. I stumbled upon the recipe in “O” magazine in an article all about tofu and the author swore this recipe was one that even her kids enjoy. This is currently a menu staple and is often an addition to stir-frys and yakisoba dishes. Last night’s version included zuchinni, green beans, cabbage, carrots and green onions served on brown & wild rice, tossed with Nasoya’s Sizzling General Gao sauce and topped with tofu. The husband particularly liked this combo minus the zuchinni (but he won’t eat any squash).


One Response to Tofu my family actually likes…

  1. linda says:

    Yum-a-rooni! I may try this recipe this week as we are on a fish/chicken and brown rice & veggie cleanse.

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