State of the Home: June 2009


This little buddha (raising the roof) makes me happy- especially since I’ve got him hanging out with the big-eared bambi.

June Home 002

Loving my new chairs (here’s one of two).


June Home 005

Now that I’ve added in the new stuff and rearranged I really need to get some more art up on the walls to fill up all that awkward space!


June Home 007

Yeah, some major downers about a rental: um… bad taupey-orange colored mantle; at least we’re going to get to paint the walls this summer. Also, budgeting to get our magnificently 1970s, 9ft. long sofa reupholstered.  I think I’m going to do some sort of diy makeover on the bamboo floor mat too because it just doesn’t work in this room (and I don’t have anything else to put in here).

June Home 016

Crazy hedge/fence mess that I’ve been thinking I may be able to disguise with a faux horizontal fence made out of leftover plywood. stay tuned.


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