…making homemade crackers.


After watching Food Inc. on Friday night and recently reading “In Defense of Food” I’m focusing even more on cooking from scratch and limiting processed foods. In honor of that intent (and a break in the heatwave) I decided to make these simple crackers again. This time I had a pasta machine to help flatten the dough which really sped up the process.

I found this recipe for Olive Oil Crackers at 101cookbooks and like so many of her recipes am pleased with the simplicity and taste. These crackers have a good hearty crunch and I usually serve them up with fresh made hummus. delish.


2 Responses to …making homemade crackers.

  1. Geneva says:

    Was it really easy? I want to learn to make crackers.

    • moneeeq says:

      Well, it’s really easy with a pasta maker. The biggest time-suck is baking them because I do so on my pizza stone and it’s not so big. Initially, I rolled them out with a rolling pin and stretched them thin by hand which was also a bit challenging but I did it while drinking wine which made it all better.

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