I smell pretty


For real. I am using homemade deodorant from this recipe I got off Amy Karol’s Angry Chicken blog and I don’t stink!  I’m a bit beside myself that it truly works. I’ve spent too much money in the past testing out “natural” deodorants that have only left me sticky and smelly. Currently, I start my day with a deodorant crystal, yet end up cheating and sneaking in a little bit of some conventional deodorant because I’m just not willing to be a smelly-earthy-type (truth be told my nose is just too sensitive to handle even mildly offensive odors).

I followed the recipe closely and found, as pointed out, that it takes far more essential oils than you might expect, especially because the cocoa butter has such a distinct smell. Although you could decide to play that up and go for an orange/chocolate scent. Me? I did a little orange/lemon/lavender combo- easy on the lavender. I like it.


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