LOST: Lovely blue commuter bike

Hope someone else needed it more than me.mia

I woke this morning, walked out to the garage to jump on my bike and head to work only to discover I have no bike! I’m so sad. My natural tendency toward losing “things” is, “meh, it’s just a thing,” but this really got me. I was okay until I got in the house and told my husband what happened. Then I cried and got in the shower and cried some more;  I was distraught.

So, I suppose my bike was more than a “thing” to me.

It was my:

  • I’m-not-polluting-my-way-to-work-vehicle
  • I’m-extra-healthy-riding-to-the-Y-vehicle
  • take-the-dog-out-for-fun-vehicle
  • eventually-I’ll-make-an-FBC-ride-vehicle
  • my-foot’s-injured-but-I-can-still-ride-my-bike-vehicle

I let it become a part of me. I’m not sure what lesson the Universe is teaching, perhaps I’m being reminded again the importance of not being attached to things. Perhaps something else. I’m not sure and I’m still inquiring.


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