working the produce box


Yeah, it ain’t that pretty but it sure was tasty. With all the reading up I’ve been doing on foods and where they come from I’m finding it more and more difficult to allow processed food into my house. Michael Pollan’s “In Defense of Food” was probably the clincher although seeing all those illegal aliens getting picked up by the FBI in “Food Inc.” was a big deal-breaker as well. I don’t want to touch meat if I don’t know where it’s come from.

What’s been interesting is that we don’t normally eat much meat or processed food anyway yet I’m finding that I’m suffering over what to prepare. As much as we don’t do the traditional meat-starch-veggie-combo I’m realizing how much I build meals around proteins. So, that blob above is my whack at just cooking food and not getting in a hissy about it being perfectly balanced or pretty or whatever.

The polenta is an Alton Brown recipe (Savory Polenta) that I’ve often served with chicken and marinara then topped with shredded parmesan cheese. It’s really savory and I enjoyed it with these fresh cherry tomatoes and steamed beans.



2 Responses to working the produce box

  1. spovegan says:

    Ooo, looks good! I’ve been eating so many cherry and grape tomatoes lately. I love them!

  2. moneeeq says:

    Yeah, I love all those tomatoes too. Hey, you could easily vegan-ize the polenta recipe. I replaced the chicken stock with Rapunzel’s vegan bouillon and you could skip the butter and parm that gets added at the end.

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