not minding running late…

If I don’t make the time to prepare my lunch the night before I usually end up running late in the morning or missing out on breakfast. On good days I’ll remember it takes only a minute to toss some yogurt and fresh fruit in a jar to eat once I get to work. On the other mornings when I’m too scattered and bleary-eyed to remember this I’m blessed with my backup breakfast: Madeleine’s ham and cheese croissant.


I love going to Madeleine’s. Having recently visited Paris for the first time I appreciate seeing beautiful pastries and baked goods much like I saw there. This particular morning the place was running late with opening and because I didn’t have time to spare I headed to a nearby coffee shop instead. I stepped inside and  turned around as soon as I noticed the baked goods were wrapped in plastic.

I’m not saying they weren’t fresh or local but across the street they are fresh from the oven in the same space! mmm-mmm-mmmm. So, I headed right back over there just as they were opening up and got myself a cup of Doma and that ham and cheese croissant I mentioned earlier. I’m surprised I don’t find myself running late more often.

I keep passing up their baked maple bars (which is good for my figure but torture to my taste buds I’m sure). I hear they are heavenly so I’m going to make an event of it and perhaps bring a girlfriend along to share in the pleasure.

Yeah, and after I grab my goods this is the walk I get to take to my office. Aren’t I lucky?


Clock Tower in the AM

early visitors

early birds




august09 053

bridge 3


more trail

Sorry, I couldn’t bring myself to edit out any more of these photos because they document all that I love about my morning walk.


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