Gearing up


Thought I’d do a little early research and start tracking down additional local food vendors. I caught the tail end of the Community Roots Market and picked up these roma tomatoes from a nice fellow named Art whose farm’s name escapes me except that it had Hill in it -dang it, I’ll post the name when I get it. He also gave me the most luscious peach that was so ripe it wasn’t worth him holding onto. The beautiful orbs in the container are from Fresh Abundance.

I also decided to stop at the “Simply Produce” stand on the corner of Garland/Empire and Division to see what they’ve got. Maurice is the Purchasing Agent there and is extremely helpful. He even went through the trouble of writing down for me a list of where all my produce came from. I picked up corn from Medical Lake, cantaloupe from Moses Lake and this crazy enourmous head of Late Flat Dutch cabbage from the South Hill that is shaped like a disc (although you can’t really tell in the photo).

The fabulous folks at Fresh Abundance are letting me place my produce order (build-my-own) with a request that they only send items on my list that fall within the 100 mile rule. I ♥ Fresh Abundance.


3 Responses to Gearing up

  1. spovegan says:

    Let’s dry food in our cars! Roasted veggies have a lot of flavor and so does dried fruit! Do you think it would work for tomatoes?

    • moneeeq says:

      I think it would work! We own a dehydrator but why use the thing if we can dry/roast without using excess energy. Part of my plan for the challenge is lots of roasted veggies because, as you said, they’ve got lots of flavor.

  2. John Speare says:

    Hey Moneeq: it was good to meet you yesterday at FA. Sorry I was a bit scattered, and probably rude — I was in a big fat rush to get out of there. Good luck on the 100 mile diet … I already folded! John

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