100mile: Day Two

breakfast crepe

Breakfast: Strawberry crepe sweetened with honey and followed up by a fried egg.   Pretty tasty although I was really missing whipped cream.

Lunch (and snacks): Ground beef saute (onions, corn, tomatoes, garlic, jalapeno, red peppers, grated carrots) wrapped in a cabbage leaf, slaw of cabbage, carrots, cucumber, chives in a vinaigrette (that’s right I found vinegar!), carrots, peach and a hard boiled egg. Mint tea.

Ground beef from Cascade farms, jalapenos from Tiffany and Jacinda, cabbage from South Hill, cucumber from co-worker, eggs from newly met neighbor who keeps  chickens. The vinegar? Ah, such a luxury… to make a short story long, I purchased a Mother of Vinegar (vinegar start) from Jim’s Brew last week  and realized yesterday that the vinegar mother was kept in a jar of vinegar. duh. The vinegar is locally made from an organic wine. So, I’ve been crazy about making vinaigrettes because I can.

Steak salad

Dinner: Sirloin steak salad with blackberry vinaigrette, tomatoes, onions and garbanzos.

Currently, I’ve got a pot of the steak bones and a bunch of vegetables reducing with the intent of making a stew. I’m not too confident it will have much flavor without salt though. I hope it’s edible. I did make a gazpacho of sorts with tomatoes, cucumber, jalapenos a few garbanzos, and a dash of vinegar.

Before I forget, I discovered over the weekend that Spokane Seed (located on Alki Drive a few blocks north of the Fancher Home Depot) sells locally grown lentils, split peas and garbanzos. You can purchase 5 lb. bags at their front office. The employees are super friendly too and sent me off with 2 of there favorite lentil recipes that I’ll post later.

Overall, it’s going pretty well. Today I had a crazy desire to raid the vending machine at work strictly for some salt but I held fast. One of my co-workers thinks I’m crazy for voluntarily putting myself through such limitations for no apparent reason. I’m having fun and appreciate knowing there are a handful of others out there in my town missing out on salt as much as I am.

*just burnt the crap out of my intended stew while I was making this post but heck, maybe it will have some flavor now…


5 Responses to 100mile: Day Two

  1. Rachel says:

    Vinegar? Nice!!!
    And I’m very jealous.

    5 pounds sounds like rather a lot of lentils, but cool!

  2. Hilary says:

    you are pretty much the coolest chef i know, and you are making me hungry for your 100 mile salt-free food… its a pain, but kicks the pants off little town, out of town, too much salt food 🙂
    Way to go Monique, and, great pictures!

  3. YES!NO? says:

    You and Crystal are in a contest for the best meals! Both of you have great ideas. Nice finds on the lentils etc. and vinegar. Where did you get the vinegar?

  4. moneeeq says:

    Thanks. It looks better than it tastes- truly. The no salt thing is a killer.

    *The vinegar I’m using is the vinegar in the jar with the “start” or “Vinegar Mother” I picked up from Jim’s Home Brew Supply so I could make vinegar in the future.

  5. Becky says:

    Vinegar!? Lucky. Your crepes look amazing, by the way.

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