100mile: Day Three


Apparently, yellow is the theme (just ask Hank). Today has been HARD although I’m beginning to figure out a few more things that I can eat that leave me feeling satisfied.

Breakfast: Fried egg and roasted potatoes (like Bart said, “blah”). By the way Bart, eat a teaspoon of salt for me, would you? Crystal, you too. dang. Sorry to see you go (sort of). ha.

Lunch: Leftover ground beef saute -this time wrapped in a crepe, gazpacho of tomato, jalapeno, cucumber and a few garbanzos. watermelon.

Snacks: a peach, hard boiled egg, some carrots.

Dinner: Potato and corn chowder seasoned with onions, garlic, chives, rosemary and some of the liquid from my burnt pot of  last night’s stew (no kidding, I’m looking for any flavor at all).  It was okay. My family said it was really good but then they were able to add salt and pepper.

Dessert: Inspired by Geneva’s peach experiment, I separated some eggs, added milk and spelt flour to the yolks then folded in the whipped egg whites and baked in a cast iron pan on 400. Near the end I drizzled honey on top and covered it all with peaches when I pulled it out of the oven. It was yummmmmy… thank goodness.

The dessert was just what I needed to keep me committed. So watch out, I’ve made it 3 days, the last thing I plan on doing is folding! That said, I think I better spend a few minutes figuring out lunch for tomorrow.

Man, I can’t imagine doing this for an extended period of time.


3 Responses to 100mile: Day Three

  1. Becky says:

    Go, Monique, Go! Your peach dessert sounds amazing! I’m glad you’re still in it!

  2. Rachel says:

    Mmmm, that desert looks delicious.
    I never was much of a baker, go you!

    Glad to hear that someone else did corn chowder. I was wanting to make some myself, but I have yet to find any corn! By the time I got to the farmer’s market today, Tolstoy was plum out.
    I think I’m going to do something else though, since I already have SO much food, I should probably make use of what I already have.

  3. YES!NO? says:

    Looking good, I still want to make crackers with you.

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