100mile: Day Four


Yes, that’s butter on my potato. Unsalted butter, because I made it by shaking up that bit of cream on the top of my Spokane Family Farm milk.  It was better than no butter and actually tasted a bit cheesy. I really am looking forward to Saturday and the challenge being over. I think I’ll have myself a hot fudge brownie sundae with a big fat cup of coffee and some salt on the side. yum.

Just got home from watching Fresh at the Magic Lantern and swapping some local goods with my competition. I enjoyed that the film really did spend more time focusing on the possibility of the food system changing in a positive way than it did on the horrors and flaws of our industrial food system. It’s necessary to show some of that for the viewers that are unaware of that reality yet it can often lead to overwhelm then apathy. This time I was left with a stronger sense of optimism and inspired. Good stuff.

It was fun to bump into Geneva, Remi, Becky, Crystal, Rachel and Mark. Crystal and Rachel stopped by to swap food and the rest stuck around for the film. By the way, Remi, I think you should take yourself out with a big bang- what’s the point of suffering any longer?

I’m wiped out and ready to go dream about all those prohibited food items. So, here’s my list for the day:

Breakfast: Rolled emmer flakes with honey, strawberries, blackberries and milk.

Lunch: Leftover soup, slaw and gazpacho.

Snacks: peach, hard boiled egg, cherry tomatoes and a slice of the baked peach dessert I made last night.

Theater Fare: Carrot from Geneva (thanks)

Dinner: Grilled sirloin (from Susie David Farm), baked potato and green salad.


One Response to 100mile: Day Four

  1. Hank says:

    Making your own butter was a great idea. Five of our competitors went out last night. Looks like there’s only five of us left. Hang tough!

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