All about tomatoes.

resting to ripen

The week has been all about tomatoes and reflecting on simplifying. The image above is just one window sill in my home decorated with a portion of the tomatoes that hadn’t yet fully ripened on the vine. I was afraid they might die if I left them to the changing temperatures so I brought them inside to join us.

Tomato and pesto sandwich Inspired by the plethora of tomatoes and a nostalgia for a sandwich my dear friend’s dad used to make back  in high school I slapped some ripe tomatoes on some sourdough bread with a mayo/butter paste (I know, terrible) but then remembered I had a bunch of just-made pesto and slathered that on as well.

Calzone stuffing

My husband is King of the Calzones (dough recipe here) yet he lets me stuff my own- which I’ve done here with tomatoes, basil, spinach, goat cheese and chicken-garlic-gruyere sausage.

simmering tomatoesFor dinner I’ve got a pot of tomatoes simmering that I’m going to puree into a lovely tomato soup that I will likely top with some feta cheese and basil. My daughter LOVES adding feta for creaminess.

I mention my week is about simplifying because I notice as I go through my usual routine of work, exercise, family time, cooking and taking a class that there isn’t much time left over for other things. So, I wonder whether or not those other things are a priority or not. And if not, and I still want to fit them in, how do I go about keeping my life simple enough that I find the time to appreciate and relish all that I choose to do?

That’s what’s on my mind this week; keeping life rich while keeping it shy of overwhelming. It’s not the easiest for me as I have a tendency to be enthusiastic about any new shiny thing that passes before me. It’s my challenge.

*Here’s that tomato soup: All that’s in it are tomatoes, sour cream & salt (out of feta); fresh-from-the-garden tomatoes are so flavorful!

tasty tomato soup


3 Responses to All about tomatoes.

  1. Geneva says:

    Looking good! “appreciate and relish all that” – well, you can just have cooking parties and enjoy, how about a cracker making party?!

  2. moneeeq says:

    Geneva, I think you’ve got the right idea. I think I’ll have to get a cracker making party on the calendar. It can be a bring your own dip- we’ll supply the crackers.

  3. hilary says:

    That was a beautiful post. Thanks for the morning good thoughts… keep it simple, live in purposeful moderation, and enjoy the calm moments 🙂 happy day!

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