Spokavore Challenge: Day One

The Spokavore Challenge is the second locavore challenge I’ve participated in. Unlike the first this is less about adhering to extremely strict guidelines regarding eating only foods grown and raised within 100 miles and more about highlighting locally-sourced foods within 150 miles. Want coffee? Sure, we’ve got loads of local roasters. Olive oil? There’s a local distributor (and infuser) in Coeur d’Alene. Even butter! Geneva points out that Petite Chat has butter!

Fortunately for me the first day of the challenge happens to be a holiday which means I’ve got a little more time to spend in the kitchen extending my “Spokavore” options.

Breakfast: 2 beautiful scrambled eggs (from Quail Ridge Ranch), wrapped inside locally made corn tortillas from DeLeon’s Mexican Deli, topped with homemade canned salsa from last summer, mashed avocado and some shredded WSU Cougar cheddar. mmmm..mmm… tasty.

Lunch: Braeburn apple from Rainier Farms, carrots (Fresh Abundance) with Small Planet Tofu herb dip.

Snack: My attempt at Snickerdoodles substituting homemade applesauce for the butter. They ended up more like snickerdoodle cakes but all the girls at the Birthday craft party ate them.

Dinner: Pizza with roasted tomatoes, basil & Quillisascut Curado cheese; pizza dough made using Shepard’s Grain Flour (findthefarmer.com reveals my flour came from either Reardan or Colville).


One Response to Spokavore Challenge: Day One

  1. Becky says:

    Your food always looks so amazing, Monique! I’m sad I didn’t try one of your cookies!

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