Spokavore Challenge: Day Two

Cruising right along. I’ve decided to get by without butter for this one only because I can’t bring myself to buy more when I’ve already got a bunch in the freezer. Same goes for coffee, I’ve got loads of “Seattle’s Best” on hand so I’ve been walking over to The Little Garden Cafe and having them fill up my jam jar so I can stretch it out. I came across some Four Seasons coffee I have but it’s whole beans and I don’t have a grinder. urgh.

So, here’s the food intake for the day:

Breakfast: Homemade pancakes (Shepard’s Grain of course) with Hidden Acres huckleberry syrup and a fried egg. The Hidden Acres was a complete surprise. I forgot I won it along with a bunch of other local goodies in December. I have a bottle of their huckleberry vinegar as well (Score!).

Lunch: Garbanzo bean salad with shallots, parsley, red pepper, broccoli and a vinaigrette (using local camelina oil & honey mustard- both available at Fresh Abundance).

Snack: The usual braeburn apple and carrots dipped in Small Planet Tofu Dip.

Dinner: Tried a new dish. The gals at Spokane Seed gave me a recipe for lentil taco “meat” when I stopped in there for the first locavore challenge. Now was a perfect time to give it a go. I followed the recipe with minor changes: I used homemade bouillon (I made a few weeks ago) instead of cubes and cooked the mixture on the stove for an hour instead of crock-potting it. Wrapped it up in those DeLeon tortillas with some lettuce, homemade salsa, onions and avocado. I apologize for the picture it shows off the guts and isn’t so pretty.


5 Responses to Spokavore Challenge: Day Two

  1. hilary says:

    you are making me very very hungry. detox and no processed food is hard in this fine town in Colorado… nothin but salad and the occasional floret of broccoli 🙂 your food looks delicious!

    jake’s home this week if you want to run over and use the coffee grinder!

    see you soon 🙂

  2. moneeeq says:

    Oh, poor Hilary. I think you’ll have to make up for it with some yummy treats at Coffee Social Saturday morning with me. yum.
    Regarding the grinder, I think there’s one in my office I’m going to use when I go in tomorrow. Thanks.

  3. Becky says:

    Monique! If you want me to get you Petit Chat butter, I will buy it for you and deliver it to you, seriously!

    Also, the guts of your boullion tortilla thing is beautiful!

  4. moneeeq says:

    Becky, you are not only silly but sweet as well. I think I’m going to do fine for a few more days without butter. I’m going to indulge myself at our Saturday morning meeting at Coffee Social. Yummy.

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