Spokavore Challenge: Day Four

Ah, what a day. Started out with the pure entertainment of reading everyone’s posts. I have to admit Paul’s are killing me; I never use the “lol” but I was pretty close this morning. Also, I need to throw a shout-out to Bart for being the first to let me know it was fine to tear into that scrumptious Madeleine’s croissant. Geneva was in there as well but the Schmolson was trying to stick a wrench in the deal! After losing Rachel and Gaia I wasn’t about to bite into that thing without the official okay. Image of the offender below (Breakfast):

Becky offered up some butter and olive oil which I took her up on. We met at Main Market and I loitered around with her for a bit and distracted her from her shopping (no fire alarms) before heading back to work. Thanks Becky, I made some mayo-like dressing to complement my dinner (pictures below) and used the bulk of the butter to make a small little batch of shortbread cookies for tomorrow’s coffee break. Yum, rosemary-butter shortbread cookies. mmm, mmm good.

Geneva mentioned that she was going to test out the cracker recipe tonight. I’m curious to hear how they turned out.

If I were Bart I’d be careful mentioning the amount of surplus goods in his place as he may end up with a Schmolson in his pantry. Oh boy, it’s time for me to shut my trap, post my daily food intake and go to bed.

Lunch: Leftover salad, pita and garbanzo bean dip.

Snack: Apple, DeLeon’s tortilla chips and homemade salsa verde (canned).

Dinner: Roasted fries, happy grass-fed burger (less personal) from Cashmere slathered with homemade mayo, sauteed onions and red peppers, topped with Quillisascut Curado cheese, lettuce, a little basil on a Couer d’Alene Bakehouse Sourdough. It was good but I never actually made it to the fries because the burger was FILLING!


3 Responses to Spokavore Challenge: Day Four

  1. James Paul says:


  2. Geneva says:

    do you have a mayo recipe? All of that looks amazing and the only time I have ever eaten a burger in my life I got very sick, you are one good cook.

    • moneeeq says:

      Geneva, I do have a few mayo recipes. I’ll be sure to send them your way. But no burgers for you; I don’t want to be one to make you sick with my cooking.

      Paul, right back at’cha!

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