Spokavore Challenge: Day Winner (I mean Five)

That’s right I’m all over that DOMA coffee. Bring it on!

Looks like Remi decided to stick in there this time. I wonder if he bailed somewhere right before midnight. hmmm… doesn’t matter ’cause I made it easily.

So, short and sweet.

Pre-breakfast: 2 delightful rosemary-butter shortbread cookies with coffee:

Breakfast: Same as Day One and oh so tasty with 1/2 pot of 4 Seasons Purrrfect blend.

Snack: apple, carrots & small planet tofu dip (the last of it).

Lunch: shredded carrots, garbanzos, lettuce, red bell pepper and tofu dip wrapped in a DeLeon flour tortilla.

Snack: tortilla chips and salsa.

Dinner: mushroom, red bell pepper, tomato, kale and Quillisascut curado in a warm and crusty calzone accompanied by a 22 oz. Northern Lights Brewery Pale Ale. By the way, husband discovered the hard way how much more it costs to purchase the 64 oz. Growler than 3 – 22 oz. bottles…

22 oz. bottles= $4.50/each or 3 for $9, Growler 64 oz = $22.50 but you keep the jug which has refill specials on Sundays.

Here’s my lovely calzone:

The husband couldn’t stand to be left out so here’s a picture of the monstrous calzone he made for himself (notice it barely fits on the plate and resembles a beached whale).


One Response to Spokavore Challenge: Day Winner (I mean Five)

  1. Becky says:

    Yay, Monique! Congratulations on winning! You better enjoy some of that DOMA coffee for me!

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