Spokavore Challenge: Day Three

Holy cow, I can’t remember the last time I had such a hankering for a local brew. Thing is I can’t bring myself to go out and get one considering all this food I have in my house (maybe I send the husband on an errand…). For the record, as much as these challenges tend to inspire my creativity I’ve realized the main reason I participate may be that I get such a kick out of witnessing, and sometimes participating in, the poking directed at Mr. Schmolson (and from Mr. Schmolson as well).

On with the record-keeping:

Breakfast: DOMA coffee from The Little Garden Cafe

Brunch: another tortilla and egg breakfast, this time with leftover seasoned lentils. I prefer the other combination better. Glass of nutritious and delicious juice (as seen in previous post).

Snack: finished off the garbanzo bean salad, ate an apple.

Dinner: Another experiment; made pita bread using  pizza dough on hand and it was quite simple. Made a garbanzo bean, lentil dip to go along with the bread (again, not so pretty on the plate). Served with a mixed salad.

Sorry to see Rachel gone but I imagine with her schedule the extra time now available for sleep is appreciated. Becky and Andrew I very much appreciate your offers to share the goods I just wonder if I’ll be able to catch either of you before the challenge is over. On second thought, downtown is just a 5-10 minute walk from my office so if either of you would like to swap something maybe that would work Thursday or Friday? I could offer up some Cougar Gold, some DeLeon’s corn tortillas or some lentils….

Spokavore Challenge: A question

Why in the world do some of you competitors have listed a “Day Zero”? Are you all just overachievers and had to squeeze in an extra day? I’m so confused. Please someone enlighten me.

By the way, here’s a picture of my yummy apple, pear, cucumber and ginger juice (notice how it matches my dining room chair?). So, who’s the overachiever now?

Spokavore Challenge: Day Two

Cruising right along. I’ve decided to get by without butter for this one only because I can’t bring myself to buy more when I’ve already got a bunch in the freezer. Same goes for coffee, I’ve got loads of “Seattle’s Best” on hand so I’ve been walking over to The Little Garden Cafe and having them fill up my jam jar so I can stretch it out. I came across some Four Seasons coffee I have but it’s whole beans and I don’t have a grinder. urgh.

So, here’s the food intake for the day:

Breakfast: Homemade pancakes (Shepard’s Grain of course) with Hidden Acres huckleberry syrup and a fried egg. The Hidden Acres was a complete surprise. I forgot I won it along with a bunch of other local goodies in December. I have a bottle of their huckleberry vinegar as well (Score!).

Lunch: Garbanzo bean salad with shallots, parsley, red pepper, broccoli and a vinaigrette (using local camelina oil & honey mustard- both available at Fresh Abundance).

Snack: The usual braeburn apple and carrots dipped in Small Planet Tofu Dip.

Dinner: Tried a new dish. The gals at Spokane Seed gave me a recipe for lentil taco “meat” when I stopped in there for the first locavore challenge. Now was a perfect time to give it a go. I followed the recipe with minor changes: I used homemade bouillon (I made a few weeks ago) instead of cubes and cooked the mixture on the stove for an hour instead of crock-potting it. Wrapped it up in those DeLeon tortillas with some lettuce, homemade salsa, onions and avocado. I apologize for the picture it shows off the guts and isn’t so pretty.

Spokavore Challenge: Day One

The Spokavore Challenge is the second locavore challenge I’ve participated in. Unlike the first this is less about adhering to extremely strict guidelines regarding eating only foods grown and raised within 100 miles and more about highlighting locally-sourced foods within 150 miles. Want coffee? Sure, we’ve got loads of local roasters. Olive oil? There’s a local distributor (and infuser) in Coeur d’Alene. Even butter! Geneva points out that Petite Chat has butter!

Fortunately for me the first day of the challenge happens to be a holiday which means I’ve got a little more time to spend in the kitchen extending my “Spokavore” options.

Breakfast: 2 beautiful scrambled eggs (from Quail Ridge Ranch), wrapped inside locally made corn tortillas from DeLeon’s Mexican Deli, topped with homemade canned salsa from last summer, mashed avocado and some shredded WSU Cougar cheddar. mmmm..mmm… tasty.

Lunch: Braeburn apple from Rainier Farms, carrots (Fresh Abundance) with Small Planet Tofu herb dip.

Snack: My attempt at Snickerdoodles substituting homemade applesauce for the butter. They ended up more like snickerdoodle cakes but all the girls at the Birthday craft party ate them.

Dinner: Pizza with roasted tomatoes, basil & Quillisascut Curado cheese; pizza dough made using Shepard’s Grain Flour (findthefarmer.com reveals my flour came from either Reardan or Colville).


Rolling green field

What looked to be an innocent day of perusing Green Bluff’s local farm agritainment was instead the silly antics of my family in disguise. (This post is Home Ec. friendly because as these actions were taking place a local grass-fed beef roast was stewing in the crockpot with local carrots, tomatoes, leeks and herbs… so there).

Just to start the day off on the right foot, a coke guzzling contest (I apologize for the low-quality video):

Not to be humiliated (all by himself) by not winning the contest, the husband caught me in the midst of my brief love affair with a caramel apple at Walter’s Fruit Ranch:

It was so damn good I didn’t mind that the caramel was so insane I had to use the utensil below in place of a toothpick!


All about tomatoes.

resting to ripen

The week has been all about tomatoes and reflecting on simplifying. The image above is just one window sill in my home decorated with a portion of the tomatoes that hadn’t yet fully ripened on the vine. I was afraid they might die if I left them to the changing temperatures so I brought them inside to join us.

Tomato and pesto sandwich Inspired by the plethora of tomatoes and a nostalgia for a sandwich my dear friend’s dad used to make back  in high school I slapped some ripe tomatoes on some sourdough bread with a mayo/butter paste (I know, terrible) but then remembered I had a bunch of just-made pesto and slathered that on as well.

Calzone stuffing

My husband is King of the Calzones (dough recipe here) yet he lets me stuff my own- which I’ve done here with tomatoes, basil, spinach, goat cheese and chicken-garlic-gruyere sausage.

simmering tomatoesFor dinner I’ve got a pot of tomatoes simmering that I’m going to puree into a lovely tomato soup that I will likely top with some feta cheese and basil. My daughter LOVES adding feta for creaminess.

I mention my week is about simplifying because I notice as I go through my usual routine of work, exercise, family time, cooking and taking a class that there isn’t much time left over for other things. So, I wonder whether or not those other things are a priority or not. And if not, and I still want to fit them in, how do I go about keeping my life simple enough that I find the time to appreciate and relish all that I choose to do?

That’s what’s on my mind this week; keeping life rich while keeping it shy of overwhelming. It’s not the easiest for me as I have a tendency to be enthusiastic about any new shiny thing that passes before me. It’s my challenge.

*Here’s that tomato soup: All that’s in it are tomatoes, sour cream & salt (out of feta); fresh-from-the-garden tomatoes are so flavorful!

tasty tomato soup


turning leaves

Eckhart Tolle in A New Earth said, “You do not become good by trying to be good, but by finding the goodness that is already within you, and allowing that goodness to emerge… but it can only emerge if something fundamental changes in your state of consciousness.”

I think the same could be said about how humanity approaches each other and the earth yet it occurs on an individual level and moves out.