Tasty Coconut Milk (On The Cheap)



So cheap, simple to make, and delicious.

For DIY Coconut Milk you’ll need:

  • 1 part unsweetened coconut flakes (I purchase organic in bulk – under $2/lb.)
  • 1 part boiling water
  • blender
  • cheese cloth or fine sieve

Add about 2 cups of coconut to blender, add equal amounts of boiling water, cover and let sit for about 10 minutes. Next, remove lid, drape tea towel over vessel and replace lid loosely -this prevents a big hiccup and mess at the start-up of the blender. Leave blender running for 20 minutes.

Next, place your sieve on top of the bowl and pour the liquid through the sieve (or cheese cloth).  Allow to cool. Once the coconut is cool enough to touch grab a handful at a time and squeeze out any remaining milk. Now you’re done and have super fresh coconut milk that blows the canned stuff away!


I smell pretty


For real. I am using homemade deodorant from this recipe I got off Amy Karol’s Angry Chicken blog and I don’t stink!  I’m a bit beside myself that it truly works. I’ve spent too much money in the past testing out “natural” deodorants that have only left me sticky and smelly. Currently, I start my day with a deodorant crystal, yet end up cheating and sneaking in a little bit of some conventional deodorant because I’m just not willing to be a smelly-earthy-type (truth be told my nose is just too sensitive to handle even mildly offensive odors).

I followed the recipe closely and found, as pointed out, that it takes far more essential oils than you might expect, especially because the cocoa butter has such a distinct smell. Although you could decide to play that up and go for an orange/chocolate scent. Me? I did a little orange/lemon/lavender combo- easy on the lavender. I like it.