About Me

I couldn’t figure out what else to call this blog but “Home Ec 2.0” because I wanted to be able to talk about all that I believe home economics cover these days and couldn’t think of any other name that might represent all that my day-to-day living entails. Oh, and I wanted it to at least vaguely make sense.

So, here’s a little about me so you might have a feel for what to expect here:

  • I am inspired by reading about simple living  -through books, blogs, you name it.
  • I often prefer books on conscious living over quality fiction (and I really like me some well-written fiction).
  • I’m an avid library user.
  • I ♥ cooking
  • I ♥ discovering vegetarian and vegan meals that taste heavenly in a way I never believed possible.
  • I am closeted-jealous of women who pull off the “simplicity living” thing with grace and ease (well, at least until I typed that sentence).
  • I want everyone to like me yet after many years of working in personal development and taking all those courses I’m able to notice this most of the time and accept myself as I am.
  • I won’t judge you if you don’t think like me (at least not for long before I catch myself).
  • I ♥ music but have no idea what’s “cool” anymore and rely on my friends for that.
  • And last, but certainly not least, I love filling my house with found mid-century modern stuff!

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